Erasmus University embraces Open Access

The Erasmus University has opened the new academic year last week by embracing Open Access for all its research publications. From 1 January 2011, it will be obligatory for researchers at the university to deposit their publications, after peer review and corrections, in the institutional repository RePub. The repository staff will take care of web based storage and accessibility in accordance with the specific requirements of the publisher of the research article. According to the Rector Magnificus of Rotterdam, prof. Henk Schmidt, the university aims to make a big leap forward in open access. "Research has made clear that Open Access publications lead to an increase in the number of citations of scientific work". He emphasized that open access is desirable from both a societal and a scientific point of view. The step by the Erasmus University clearly also has the potential to make academic work that has a different form from an article in the traditional research journals more visible and citeable. 


One Response to “Erasmus University embraces Open Access”

  1. P.F. Wouters Says:

    See also the Dutch report on the initiative of Erasmus University in Research Dreams:

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