Update Crafting Your Career (CYC)

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 11.44.38 AMCrafting your Career (the event co-organised by CWTS and the Rathenau Instituut, 30 October 2013) is attracting a lot of attention. With only two weeks to go, 173 people have registered (we’re aiming for 200) and over a 1000 people have taken our researcher motivation test.  CYC will facilitate a balanced discussion about the pros and cons of recent trends in research evaluation and their effects on scientific research and scientific careers. While we are busy putting together a program leaflet, our moderators are contacting speakers about the details of the interviews and panel debate. Our Rathenau colleagues are working out the details of the ‘fair’ that takes place during the extended break, and Laurens Hessels and I will have a short meeting tomorrow with KNAW-president prof. Hans Clevers to discuss his opening address.

One of our speakers, Dr. Ruth Müller, was interviewed by ScienceGuide on the occasion of our event. Here’s what she has to say about how post-docs structure academic careers in the life sciences, and the pressures they are experiencing.


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