With this blog, we will develop ideas about the role of citation analysis, quantitative indicators, and evaluation at universities and in scientific research. Researchers are increasingly subjected to regular evaluations of their work. Empirical evidence and quantitative indicators have played an ever increasing role in this. It has created a “citation culture” (Wouters, 1999) in science. This started in the natural sciences, but nowadays also researchers in the social sciences and in the humanities are confronted with these measures.

We are interested in the question of how this has influenced the act of creating scientific and scholarly knowledge. But we are also intrigued by the potential of quantitative studies of research to get a better understanding of the dynamics of knowledge. And, lastly, will it be possible for individual researchers to get behind the steering wheels of evaluation procedures? Is this something we should aim for?


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  1. Can we really measure research supervisory quality? | Brian M. Lucey Says:

    […] one goes from the hard sciences the less useful citation based approaches appear to be.There is a wonderful blog rather skeptical of the “citation culture” which is well worth reading if one is […]

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